As a church we want to grow to live as a missional community of truth, beauty, and generosity. We want to equip you to do the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:12).

Get Equipped is intended to provide a helpful framework for you to grow up in Jesus. This isn’t intended to be a solo endeavor – the Christian life is a community project. So as you walk through each of these steps over the next few years grab a friend and pray for the Lord to work in your lives.

These steps are not meant to be hurried and rushed through. Our goal is to provide a framework that can help you get established in Jesus for a lifetime of gospel ministry. Yes, we’re talking about you – if you know Jesus then you’ve been called into gospel ministry where you work, play, and live.

Wherever you find yourself we want to help you take a next step to get equipped to live for and serve Jesus. This process could be anywhere from 2-5 years. Obviously this is just the start of a journey and once you’ve completed the process you will have a solid foundation for a lifetime of discipleship under Jesus.

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Equipping men and women in Christian story, doctrine, and formation

According to Jesus, the Great Commandment is to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength (Mark 12:30). But, it’s been said: “The heart can't love what the mind doesn't know.” That's why we've created the Equip Institute; to make disciples of Jesus by equipping men and women in Christian story, doctrine, and formation. This takes place through four active learning environments.

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Discipleship for disciple-making disciples

The Equip Lab prepares partners at LifeConnection for personal ministry growth in the areas of Christian story, doctrine, and formation. Participants can expect to gain skills to lead and shepherd others by God’s word. It’s for aspiring deacons, staff, interns, ministry leaders, and partners at LifeConnection. It takes place monthly for ten months (September-June).

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Men’s and Women’s Bible Studies bring together personal study, group discussion, and teaching.

During Men’s and Women’s Bible Study semesters, you will have a group of men or women that you meet with each week for the sake of growing in biblical literacy. We meet each Wednesday during the 11 week semester as we seek to read and learn together.

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Discipleship for everyone

An Equip Class is a weekly class that brings together personal study, group discussion, and teaching. We offer three foundational classes (Christian Story, Christian Doctrine, and Christian Formation) and periodic electives on other important topics foundational to the Christian life. They’re for everyone – guests, regular attenders, and partners at LifeConnection. They meet weekly for eleven weeks in both the fall and spring.